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Truly Unique Herbal Remedies Make Our Essential Oils a Life Changer

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Though I have an MBA and a Masters in Accounting from University of Texas at Dallas, my passion is in therapeutic essential oils and healing herbal remedies. My herbology mentor and business associate passed away in the Summer of 2017, at age 88. As a young man, he trained as Master Herbal Formulator at the renowned School of Natural Healing, founded by the father of modern herbal medicine, Dr. John R. Christopher.

My mentor devoted his life to researching and discovering organic herbal blends that heal our bodies and improve our quality of life. He had two fundamental ideals: his essential oils must be 100% organic and they must be derived from the whole plant in order to provide maximum benefits. He found one essential oil that provided healing properties that overshadowed all others: the essential oils extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant.

The focus of his work was on blending the rich essential oils extracted from hemp and cannabis plants with the curative and therapeutic properties of other herbal oils. When I became his business partner, we turned our attention to the whole plant extractions of essential oils from the hemp plant, leaving cannabis for other researchers. Whole plant extractions of essential oils from the hemp plant, unlike from cannabis, can be sold, bought, shipped, and used throughout the U.S. (discuss this a bit more, with details).

Before his death, my mentor gave me a priceless treasure; the herbal formulation research and documentation from his sixty years of reclusive work in organic essential oils, herbal remedies and natural healing.

The herbal formulas I can now make available aren’t based on new science, its ancient knowledge that has worked for hundreds of years, from civilizations around the world. These are essential oil remedies that work, with wondrous results.

All of us deserve to be healthy, and stay healthy. What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. Truly unique herbal remedies make our essential oils a Life Changer. Now is the time to rebuild and regenerate A NEW YOU!

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Who Are We

We donate our Organic CBD Remedies to Outreach Programs for Children with Epilepsy and Veterans with PTSD. wellness products made with essential oils. We do this as a 501-c-3 tax-exempt organization.

Our products include CBD Soft-gels,

Funding our outreach program comes through our direct to customer sales of the same great organic CBD remedies we donate through our outreach programs for children with epilepsy and veterans with PTSD.

As a federally regulated tax-exempt organization,

direct to customer sales

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