The product side is of the business equation is coming together very well.

Now, my focus goes back to the business and legal aspects of rolling out American Herbal Science. There are numerous regulatory hoops to jump through.

Of course, there’s more work to be done on this website (lol, that cute “Page Under Construction” sign is not meant to be permanent). I’ll think about posting a weekly Video Blog series on our Drive to the Starting Line. I’ll keep you posted and updated.
See ya,

Here’s where we are, Right Now

We have a great line of 100% organic products coming together. Some of items are whole plant extraction, for the full spectrum of cannabinoids from hemp essential oils. Farmed in America and made in America. The full spectrum items include our Vape Carts, Tinctures, Lotions, Soft Gels & Chews.

Other items, we’ve found best to be made from 100% pure CBD isolate. With our virgin coconut water and 9.5 ph/alkaline bottled water, 100% pure Isolate is required for proper clarity. Also, our bronchial inhaler and eye-drops are 100% pure Isolate.

For Us:


  1. 100% organic Cannabidiol (CBD) 9.5 ph/alkaline water 500ml: 5mg, 10, mg. 15mg, 20mg of CBD/bottle
  2. 100% organic Virgin Coconut Water with 20mg of CBD/12oz. bottle
  3. 100% Organic CBD Soft Gels
  4. 100% Organic 500 ml CBD Vape Cartridges
  5. 100% organic CBD-Sublingual/under tongue Tincture: 30 ml (1 oz) with 250 mg full spectrum cannabinoids
  6. 100% organic CBD- Sublingual/under tongue Tincture: 60 ml (2 oz) with 500 mg full spectrum cannabinoids
  7. All-Natural 10 mg CBD Round Gummies (sugar free)
  8. All-Natural Rich Dissolving Lozenges/Hard Mints (sugar free)


  1. 100% organic essential oil rollerball: chronic joint pain and inflammation
  2. CBD Topical Lotion: chronic joint pain and inflammation

Our Pets:

  1. 100% organic CBD Soft Chews for Our Dogs & Cats (5mg CBD/soft chew)
  2. 100% organic CBD Crunchy Chews for Our Dogs & Cats (5mg CBD/crunchy chew)
  3. 100% organic Tincture_Pets_60 ml (2 oz) with 250 mg CBD

Coming Soon:

  1. Advanced Formulation CBD Soft Gels: An oral remedy for chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain therapy
  2. Advanced Formulation CBD Topical Lotion: chronic joint pain and inflammation.
  3. CBD Bronchial Inhaler. 146 million suffer daily from cardiovascular and lung disease
  4. Eye Drops. 139 million suffer daily from debilitating pain, centering around the eyes/ frontal head and vision impairment.